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Our efficiency
Our security
Our reliability
A passionate team

  • Our efficiency
    Modern tractor and trailer fleet equipped with the best devices on the market to ensure optimum performance.

    State-of-the-art communication system. Transport HM is constantly in search of new technologies to provide customers with added value services. All our tractors are equipped with the most performing satellite communication tools on the market, as well as scanners to forward your documents straight from the tractors.

    Geolocation of shipments. All your shipments can be tracked in real time thanks to our cutting-edge Integrated management systems.

    Our services:

    • LTL or FTL
    • Heated, refrigerated, frozen or dry hauling
    • United States and Canada, from East to West Coast (Coast to Coast and from North to South)
    • Dry or frozen warehousing

    Monitoring the condition of goods being hauled.
    Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we maintain and thereby ensure optimal hauling conditions for the products during transit to maintain their quality, from pick-up to delivery.

  • Our security
    Security is a constant priority. We hold C-TPAT certification (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and we satisfy the requirements of the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) commercial treatment system of USA.

    C-TPAT Certification: C-TPAT is a border security program for commercial trading. Accredited companies must comply with rigorous requirements.

    Drivers training: at the time of hiring, each driver is trained on our company values and formally undertakes to act accordingly.

    The goal of all our training programs is to ensure employees' compliance with current rules and regulations, as well as their safety and that of other drivers we intersect on the roads.

    Here is an overview of some aspects on which our professional drivers are being trained when integrated to Transport HM and later on while employed:

    • Stowage
    • Loads and dimensions
    • Preventive driving
    • Customs
    • Energy saving
    • Specialized equipment
    • Service hours – Canada and United States
    • Our company's policies and procedures
    • Safety inspections
    • Satellite and communications

    • Monitoring the records - driving hours: on a continuous basis, we meticulously analyze hours driven by our drivers in order to ensure their own safety and to comply with the requirements imposed by law.

      Alcohol and drug screening: Since 1997, the American Department of Transport (DOT) requires each transport company to adhere to a random alcohol and drug screening program which must satisfy the requirements set forth by the DOT.

      We do adhere to such a program specifically conceived to satisfy the legal obligations concerning Canadian transportation companies traveling through United States.

  • Our reliability
    Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we track our drivers' itinerary in real time and make necessary decisions to ensure that goods will be delivered within the timeframe agreed upon with our customers. Whether in Canada or in USA, customer satisfaction is our priority and we offer efficient, courteous and punctual services.

With Transport HM you get

A passionate team that cares about customer needs
Our personalized service and attention to customer needs to the finest detail distinguishes us from our competitors. Our trained, highly qualified staff ensures that all details concerning each of our transports are monitored with care and quickly.

The Transport HM team is always available to answer your questions or requests concerning all aspects of your transportation needs.